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Red Wine Club - Vinley Market red wine club box with illustrated bottles and red wine bottles beside it

Red Wine Club

$ 39.99

Wine lovers unite under the banner of red fruits, sweet spices and velvety tannins. Members receive a monthly delivery of 2 bottles of our sommeliers’ favorite global reds. Always artisanal quality from exceptional boutique producers.

Our mission at Vinley Market is to curate bang for buck. Because the wine world is a big place and we will help you navigate.

What's Included: Each month you will receive two bottles of the red wines that our sommeliers are the most excited about within this price range. We will include a card that explains the history of each winery and winemaker and share what makes the wines special. 

Why Join Our Club? Because it's hard to find great wines that don't break the bank. Many sites try to sell you cheap wine that they make money on. We don't do that. Our mission is to share real artisanal wines that over deliver on quality.

We Save You Time In The Wine Aisle: The wine world is a big place. We save you the uncertainty of shopping among the thousands of marginal bottles at grocery stores. No more option overload.

We Save You From Buying Bad Wine: Don't waste money on pretty labels, bad wine! Our criteria for wine is pretty simple: Over deliver for the price. And don't be basic.

We Only Feature High Artisanal Quality Wines: Just like your favorite local wine bar, we are the place to discover amazing wineries. Trust Vinley to collect fancy wine at friendly prices.

When Do You Get Your Wine Club Shipment? We begin processing our wine clubs on the first business day of the month, and you can cancel any time before then.  If you sign up before the 10th of the month, then you will get your wine club shipment immediately, based on availability. Otherwise, you're on the list for the next month's shipment!


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