Pierre Henri Gadais Muscadet Sevre Et  Maine Saint-Fiacre Sur Lie wine French wine French white wine Loire Valley Loire Wine Loire whites

Pierre Henri Gadais Muscadet Sevre Et Maine "Saint-Fiacre'' Sur Lie 2014

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floral tasting note

As you explore the magical world of French whites, Muscadet is a must. It's perhaps lesser known and better priced than most French whites, and is located in the Loire Valley, close to the Atlantic. The resulting wines are typically crisp and briny, from being close to the sea. In fact, the soil is full of shells from when it was under the sea. The minerality of this oceanic terroir shows through in this Muscadet, with delicate flavors of peach and white blossom blooming through. The label here is cool because it's the original that was used by the winery back in 1956. Vintage aside, this wine is like sunshine in a glass and is definitely worth a try.

This wine pairs beautifully with seafood and ceviche, but the strong acidity also makes this great for heavy food pairings. Plop this bottle on your Thanksgiving table as the strong tangy character will keep your palate refreshed in the face of rich and cheesy fair.


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