Welcome to Vinley Market, an inspired wine club and boutique business! Our mission is to curate an exceptional collection of wine for our clubs each month and we make discovering new wines a special experience.

About Vinley Market

At Vinley Market, we are young travelers and experienced sommeliers who search the world to curate an exceptional collection of wine that doesn’t break the bank. Our goal is to bring inspiration and simplicity to the joys of discovering wine. Because not all wine is created equal for the price, and we know the difference.

Our mission at Vinley Market is to change the way that you buy wine. We believe that good wine connects dreamers with experience. Wine, like a postcard, represents a moment in time and a sense of place. Wine is a souvenir from a far off land, and a conjurer of magical tastes and aromas. We love wine for everything that it represents, and we seek to share this experience with our community. Our passion makes Vinley Market one of the best wine clubs! Vinley Market wine boxes are beautifully packaged and presented, perfect for gift giving or treating yourself.

Vinley Market is a female owned business - a rarity in the wine industry. We are a boutique operation that is self funded without the corporate pressure to push low quality wines for the sake of margins. We are passionate about uncovering those little-known gems from up-and-coming appellations and love to feature small, talented winemakers that craft bang for buck. 

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Meet Our Founder

After working in both the fashion and wine industries, Erin Vaughen started Vinley Market as a way to translate her passion for wine to her millennial demographic. Her mission was to partner with the best wine buyers and somms in order to take the guess work out of finding great wine for great prices. 

Name: Erin Vaughen

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere that's considered wine country

Go-To Wine: "I'm currently on a Gruner kick!"


Vinley Market Founder

Want to be a guest sommelier for Vinley Market?
Reach out to us at hello@vinleymarket.com