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Winery Profile Series: Van Duzer Wines

Here at Vinley Market we are always on the lookout for high quality, reasonably priced wines and when we found Van Duzer Wines, we definitely hit the jackpot! These beautiful, fresh, mouth watering (and dare we say up and coming trendy?!) wines are so great we just have to share them with the world. And while we are no Bran Stark (sorry, Game of Thrones had to be referenced…) we’ve been around long enough to spot an amazing winery on the rise! 

With that said, we’re coming full-circle here because we featured their wonderful 2017 Pinot Noir Rosé in our July Bubbles & Rosé Box last year. And good news for 2019 because their bright and refreshing 2017 Rosé was filled with lush fruit aromas of raspberries, pomegranate and fresh picked strawberries that they’ve maintained in their 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé!

“The 2018 Rosé is actually quite similar to the 2017 in flavor profile. Aromas of lush red fruits, layered with hints of more tropical fruits. The same great acidity and refreshing quality lifted up by minerality on the finish,” says Van Duzer Sales Manager Ryan Woolfolk.

“The biggest difference in this wine comes in the color. It is a significantly darker rosé than previous years, but the fresh, fruit forward, mineral, and mouth watering qualities remain.”

Van Duzer History

Van Duzer’s interesting history is more than just a (very) pretty label. Proprietors and art-lovers Carl and Marilynn Thomas were actually some of the first to set up a winery in the Van Duzer Corrider in 1998 when they noticed artistic beauty of the are and the the potential of the area’s microclimate. And their label reflects their astute ability to bring the area’s potential to their wines. On the label is a zephyr, a wind god from Greek Mythology that was controlled by the king of the winds, Aeolus, who the Eola Hills were named after. 

“In 1998, our owners saw great potential in this area and invested in the form of planting over 83 acres of vines. Warm temperatures during the day are met with a strong and constant afternoon winds that travel from the Pacific Ocean through a natural break in Oregon's Coastal Ranges,” says Woolfolk. 

“As day turns to night, the cooling effect gives us well balanced, and distinctive grape characteristics that translate to the finished wine. Although we have known this for years, the Van Duzer Corridor has just been added as the newest AVA in Oregon.”

Van Duzer Now

Currently run by winemaker Burgundy trained winemaker, Florent Merlier, many of their wines are influenced by his Burgundian philosophy.

“Starting off his career in Burgundy, he learned how to harmonize his winemaking practices with the integrity of the vineyard, bring a distinct sense of place to Van Duzer wines,” says Woolfolk.

Through his desire to maintain the vineyard’s integrity and Carl and Marilynn’s interest in nature and the area, Van Duzer has become a very sustainable, organic vineyard.

“We are certified through LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology), Salmon Safe, and the (IOBC) International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control for our sustainability practices and efforts,” says Woolfolk. 

And their desire to relate to the world is not only reflected in their vineyard practices, but also their wine selections, which offer a variety of wines for people of all different interests, backgrounds and wine knowledge! You are almost guaranteed to find a wine you’ll enjoy at Van Duzer.

“Our "Classics Collection" offers a broad varietal selection and caters to a wine drinkers at every level. This lineup welcomes every occasion and every level of wine drinker,” says Woolfolk.  

“The ‘Elemental Collection’ is inspired by Earth, Wind, and Fire. This collection focuses on specific terroir through highlighting specific clones, Blocks, or through an assemblage of our most highly regarded Pinot Noir in a given vintage.”

We will definitely be sipping Van Duzer’s wines all summer long!

Want to Try for Yourself?

Here are Woolfolk’s selections:

Estate Pinot Gris

“A delicious, crisp  white wine with floral aromatics sf layered complexity. Works well on its own, or with a wide variety of dishes.”

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 

“A well rounded Pinot Noir that is approachable while also having depth and complexity.”

Bieze Vineyard Chardonnay

“This Chardonnay will change your mind about Chardonnay. Concrete tank fermentation lifts the”





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