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Winery Profile Series: Maison Noir Wines

This week we are honored to profile a highly talented winemaker, André Hueston Mack, who started Maison Noir Wines and created some of the best Pinot Noirs within Willamette Valley. His 2015 Mouton Noir Pinot Noir Other People’s Pinot was found within our July wine box.


Looking at a bottle of the Other People’s Pinot, you can’t help but see the trendy, skateboard branding style, reminiscent of the hip-hop, street culture within the 1990s. Intent in creating a hip, street culture brand, sommelier Mack opened his brand Maison Noir within Willamette Valley in 2007.


But his wines are more than a typical Oregon Pinot. His past work as a sommelier at Per Se in New York City inspired the garage wine nature of his Pinot Noirs, full of big, bold flavors that reflects the traditional style of red Bordeaux wine.  And although we are huge fans of his Pinot Noir, he has a plethora of other wines available as well such as his Knock On Wood Chardonnay and Love Drunk Rose.


Mack’s desire, with his brand and his wines, is to bring about a perspective on the wine subculture.


“We make food friendly wines that are not only honest and transparent but truly speak of the place from which they come,” says Mack.


And he does just that. All of his wines are faithful to the character of the area from which they derive. The 2015 Mouton Noir Other People’s Pinot Noir is a classic Oregon Pinot Noir, earthy, spicy, and floral on the palate with herb-framed flavors of cherry and hints of ginergy wood spice.


Maison Noir Wines sources grapes from six vineyards throughout Oregon’s wine-growing regions. The Roserock vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills region is one of the main vineyards for their Pinot Noir grapes. Roserock’s cool ocean breeze climate and volcanic soil make this vineyard is the ideal setting for new world Pinot Noir grapes. Some of the other vineyards sourced from include Zena Crown, Hyland, ElvenGlade, Guadalupe and Thistle.


Mack has numerous awards for his palate and wine list selection, including the Best Young Sommelier in America by the Chaine des Rotisseurs. We will definitely continue to sip his wine, and you can check them out here.

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