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Winery Profile Series: Le Grand Courtâge Wines

We are honored and delighted to feature Le Grand Courtâge Wines and the inspiring woman behind the brand, Tawyna Falkner! We love that Le Grand Courtâge is all about French bubbly and rose wines that mimic the crisp, fresh breeze of a Mediterranean coastline summer. The Tres Chic Rose was featured in our August wine box.


A strong proponent of female winemaking, Falkner has ensured that Le Grand Courtâge is operated by highly qualified women in the field.


“80% of consumer products are purchased by females, but few wineries are owned by women.  With an all female team, we believe we are bringing a different perspective to the category,” says Falkner.


But having a strong female presence within the wine community is not the only incredible aspect of this spectacular brand. Having grown up in a small town with a strong desire to see more of the world, Falkner quit her day job to pursue her dream and moved to Burgundy, France to capitalize on reasonable winemaking costs to create high quality affordable wines.


“Food and wine really are about the human connection and bringing people together to share in life’s simple pleasures,” says Falkner.



And while her wine definitely will bring friends and family together, there is nothing simple about the youthful and fresh Tres Chic Rose! It is crisp, light and tastes of the 125 miles of costal vineyards and lavender fields sweeping Southern France. The Pays d’Oc , where the wine is cultivated, consists of many different soils and terrain. The steep slopes, the clay, sandy, gravel and limestone combination all help to create the perfect atmosphere for a delightful sip of Tres Chic Rose.


And the quality of her wines doesn’t stop there, she is also a master of bubbly. Her Le Grand Courtâge Blanc is also a world-class wine made in Burgundy, France. Each sip is full of crisp, delicate bubbles and a nice hint Granny Smith apple, honeysuckle and strawberry to balance out the dryness, yeast and acidity. A glass of this bubbly Blanc is perfect with popcorn, cream pastas, seafood or a soft cheese plate.



“We believe in the French spirit of Joie de Vivre (joy of life) and both elevating and celebrating every day so we set out to create an affordable luxury with combines the traditionalism of France and a modern aesthetic and palate for today's consumers,” says Falkner.


Falkner’s spirit and desire for adventure are captured within Le Grand Courtâge, as she maintains the integrity of traditional French wines yet also putting a young and fresh spin on both the brand and the taste. Abundant with choices, Le Grand Courtâge has two bubbles and the Tres Chic Rose to sip all summer long.


Falkner, and her brand definitely are the epitome of #girlboss and we will be following them on their adventures well into the future.

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