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Guest Somm Series

This June, our Adventurer's Wine Club was curated by Certified Sommelier, Heather Gordon!
You may know her popular wine blog, Blanc de Blonde.

Just in time for summer, together we bring you two incredible Chenin Blancs and a frothy Pet Nat from Beaujolais, full of cranberry goodness.
The tasting notes are a real treat in themselves, written by Heather.


Pet Nat, Natural Wine Sparkling

"My mission as a wine writer is to champion the small guys. To lend a voice to the families where wine is the bread and butter. The sole reason they live. They treat their vines as family members, loving them, tending to their needs. And that is what wine is for the fourth-generation winemaking Saint-Cry family.

Imagine for a second you're sitting on a weather-worn dock looking out on an infinite lake. The sun setting, but the balmy heat is relentless. The last rays of the evening are hitting the water, the choppy wake glistening colors of melted rainbow sherbet. Imagine if that scene were bottled, that would be this frothy cranberry masterpiece. In this Pet Nat from Beaujolais, aromas of fresh, open lake air, blanketing breeze, Bing cherries are intertwined with the fragrance of opening a fresh tin of Harney & Sons Chamomile tea. The acidity bright, the bubbles dewy, a fantastic pair with spring air."

Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley

"Catherine and Pierre Breton are a winemaking power couple. Think in the same vein of a pre-divorced Brangelina who deeply believe in Biodynamic farming practices. Think of them as Pitherina or Cathierre.  The Breton's make wines oozing with passion. A kind of underlying power that you can taste, that you can feel as soon as you pull the cork. 

Coming from the town of Vouvray, a sub region of the Loire Valley in northwest France, this wine shows the jaw-dropping elegance and purity of Chenin. Tasting like you drizzled raw honey, golden, still entangled in the comb over a bed of damp, rounded blue stones. White flowers opening their sleepy eyes during the first bloom of spring. The acidity is electric, causing the back of your palate to twist, to contort in pure pleasure."

Natural Wines from Loire Valley

"Chenin Blanc is a guilty pleasure of mine. Raw talent seeping through its ability to be dynamic. Running the gamut from off-dry, high-acid to bone-dry, fat-backed warm climate wines that taste like you bottled the holidays, glowing excitement and all. 

Remember when you were a kid visiting your extended family's house for the Thanksgiving? When your bones were still filled with unwavering joy, doe eyed when you talked about everything in exclamation points. The house smelling of toasted almonds, and baked apple pie, the golden warmth of the room papering the walls. Imagine that feeling intertwined with the scent of grilled lemon rinds. A touch of sultry smoke, the earthy rawness of the lemon is on fire, citrusy oils surfacing." 

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